Napalm Death concert cancelled, fear of volume-related building damage


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  1. Roose_Bolton says:

    Throw horns…break priceless artifact…mosh.

  2. I guess there’s no chance of them booking “Disaster Area.”

  3. Christopher says:

    Didn’t Spinal Tap perform there once? 

  4. shutz says:

    For all we know, the concert might actually improve some things.

    See: Disaster Area, band (fictional)
    and Kakrafoon Kappa, alien world (fictional)

  5. Gilbert Wham says:

    You could at least have posted ‘You Suffer’. A four-minute Napalm Death song is practically a prog-rock opera…

  6. tempo says:

    Did you hear about the Sunn)) concert, where they played in the basement of museum, for people on the top floor?  I’m curious if the vibrations had any effect on the walls/artwork after the concert.

  7. doggo says:

    I think Hawkwind said it best:

    “In the case of sonic attack survival means
    Every man for himself, himself, himself, himself, himself, himself
    Statistically more people survive if they think
    Only of themselves, only of themselves, only of themselves

    Do not attempt to rescue friends, relatives, loved ones
    You have only a few seconds to escape
    Use those seconds sensibly or you will inevitably die”

  8. Cowicide says:

    Quick!  Somebody give that singer a cookie before he hurts someone!

  9. noah django says:

    alright, y’all–change of venue!  my house, friday night, BYOB.

  10. Napalm death isn’t Grindcore.  Combatwoundedveteran is…

  11. Steve Krason says:

    Napalm Death? Amateurs. Try My Bloody Valentine. Louder than a jet engine.

  12. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Is it a bad sign that the ‘targeted’ google ad for the Napalm Death video was for some hip-replacement-malpractice lawsuit law firm…

    Surely classic metal still has a few years of balding-with-children left in it?

  13. Christa Joe says:

    Seems like the organizers didn’t really care of knowing about the surroundings of the concert during the time they planned of bringing the Napalm Death.
    It shows an improper management and planning of organizers and describes that each and every parameter should be studies properly before executing any big plan.

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