Ray Bradbury's fan letter to Robert A Heinlein


5 Responses to “Ray Bradbury's fan letter to Robert A Heinlein”

  1. herbieg says:

    Actual tears. So sweet.

  2. anansi133 says:

    In fourth grade I wrote a letter to John Christopher, and he wrote me back. It felt amazing to get a personal reply from a celebrity, especially at that age!

    When fandom doesn’t suck, it’s awesome.

  3. Larry Kuperman says:

    I wrote to Cory Doctorow and he wrote back. Which only encouraged me…

  4. I wrote to William S. Burroughs when I was 18.  He sent me a postcard.  He said….

    “Who am I?  I am the cat who walks in the night and to me all supermarkets are alike.”

  5. max_robitzsch says:

    Heinlein spoke to me when I was 18 too (20 years after Bradbury wrote that letter).

    I grew up in a very left-wing family (liberal for you Americans ;-), and reading a centre-right / libertarian view of the world allowed me to question some of what I had grown up with.

    I argued a lot with Heinlein in my head (and was thankful that I didn’t find out he was already dead by then – it wouldn’t have been the same). I still identify myself as a liberal, but a much more broadly-thinking one.

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