Dominique Pruitt "He's Got It Bad" music video


11 Responses to “Dominique Pruitt "He's Got It Bad" music video”

  1. fidel_funk says:

    a beat, a babe and some strings – nothing beats it!

  2. class_enemy says:

    Holy cow, is this cool.

    Thank you!!

  3. hug h says:

    Very very nice!

  4. Nice, but I would prefer that video with a half to a quarter as many cuts. As soon as I can register what’s on screen it’s gone.

  5. legsmalone says:

    You shouldn’t describe her as “wonderful”. Don’t you remember Rob’s post about “Objectify a Man in Tech Day”? This is what he was fighting against.

  6. ToMajorTom says:

    Nice…both songs that you posted.  I wonder when the album will be released.  (Yes, I searched…can’t find it.)

  7. I prefer it kicked up a notch.

  8. sdmikev says:

    whoa, killer voice, I can dig it.  dig the guitar pickin’, too.

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