Don't yell BINGO unless you mean it


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  1. 10xor01 says:

    Should have used the “I’m a farmer with a dog and Bingo is his name-o” defense.

  2. chaopoiesis says:


  3. cavalrysword says:

    I took an E.M.T. class that was conducted at a Fire Station.  One time when it was very crowded there (another CPR class overlapped)  I stood up and yelled “MOVIE!”

    Nobody got it.  8(

  4. valiant66 says:

    I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, home of Punk Rock Bingo. Invented right here and already forked into mutually opposed camps, Punk Rock Bingo is poised to take over the world, one bar at a time. Or something. 

    But my point is this: at Punk Rock Bingo, if you yell out “Bingo” and don’t have one, they haul you up on stage and spank you with a wooden oar. Ouch. Strangely enough, some people seem to like that sort of thing, so there is on-stage spanking nearly every time.

    Visit Calgary. It’s cold up here. We do weird things for entertainment.

  5. capkavern says:

    Diselderly conduct…A horde of retires attack an 18 year old man for yelling “bingo”.

  6. Preston Sturges says:

    Clearly he needs to come back with an assault rifle and a couple cans of gasoline, and if anyone complains he can have the NRA sue them. 

  7. len says:

    It’s funny because old people deserve to have their stereotypical gambling pastime disrupted by an obnoxious teenager.

  8. peregrinus says:

    ‘Don’t hoot and holler and yell and cuss at me, bro!’

  9. theophrastvs says:

    seems credible that yelling “fire!” in a movie theater is prohibitively dangerous for much the same reason that yelling “bingo!” (falsely) in a bingo hall is also (or telling a suicide bomber joke on a plane (“so i called a suicide hotline last night and it was routed to a call-center in Pakistan…” uzw))

  10. Roose_Bolton says:

    The olds have to realize that their monopoly on BINGO is at an end, and get out of the way.

  11. Should’ve shouted “FIRE!” instead.

  12. Timmo Warner says:

    He may not have realized it, but he was risking his life by doing that.

  13. franko says:

    smart people don’t mess with old people and their bingo.

  14. lafave says:

    The case which gave us “falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater” standard was overturned.   It was also one of the horrible, unjust, WWI sedition cases.

  15. To everyone who comments about yelling fire in a crowded theatre, read the end of the post again.

  16. emo hex says:

    We have met the “fool” . . .

    . . . and he is us.

  17. Matthew Bondy says:

    You sunk my battleship!

  18. brucearthurs says:

    Sixty years from now he’ll be sitting in a bingo hall, with a large prize in the offing, and the last space he needs to fill will be called.  And when he shouts”BINGO!”, everyone will ignore him.

  19. As a tip, if you’re thinking about searching the web with Bing, go to Google instead.

  20. Petzl says:

    Wait, so the police were already at an elderly bingo hall?  It’s that dangerous a place?

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