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5 Responses to “Internet-of-Things answering machine from 1992, with marbles”

  1. AwesomeRobot says:

    This is amazing by 1992 standards. 

  2. jere7my says:

    There’s a design by a man who has no cats.

  3. galaxies says:

    & you didn’t make this why??!?!! solid gold idea, totally feasible in 1992!! you could be chillin on a beach in hawaii right now mr Durrell Bishop!!

    edit: just saw jere7my’s post, excellent point

    • IndexMe says:

      I tried to make a whiteboard an integral part of my workflow once upon a time.
      It only takes one utter jerk (or a normally nice person in a fit of insanity) to destroy a lot of stuff, no more santa. Come to think of it some earthquake tremor mitigation would be useful too. But, it will work underwater!

  4. Sam Powers says:

    Excellently demonstrated.  Anyone want to take a crack at implementing this using those little sifteo cube thingies?