Jörg makes an Oreo-shooting pump-action crossbow


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  1. bzishi says:

    My first thought was to use this to shoot an Oreo into somebody’s mouth. My second thought was that this would be a really bad idea! And my third thought was that it might be okay if it went through some milk first.

    • Drew Wellman says:

      Of course. Not without the Super Soaker full of milk.

      • bzishi says:

        Cross the streams in midair? The tricky part is balancing between not soaking the Oreo with enough milk and busting the teeth of the recipient vs. having too much milk and having the Oreo break up in a midair soggy mess that splats the recipient in the face. This is truly an engineering challenge for our times!

      • Petzl says:

        Bring goggles.

  2. dave3 says:

    C’mon Nabisco, send him a check!

  3. cstatman says:

    this is insanely aweseom

  4. adonai says:

    “It’s a basic human desire to destroy an OREO cookie with a pump action crossbow.”

    Until I watched the video, I did not know that. However, I now completely agree.

  5. Christopher Murray says:

    In the headline: “crossbow” is inaccurate as their is no bow in the mechanism. It’s just a pump-action slingshot.
    That said, I want one.

  6. theophrastvs says:

    why isn’t Jörg the head of some socially scary group or country or at least have his own (dedicated) TV show?  he’s twice as entertaining as anything currently on ((which seems to be only reruns of ‘big bang theory’)) and seven times more impressive than the current head of the NRA.

    • acidrain69 says:

      Why does he need a TV show in some small eastern european country? He’s reaching plenty of people on Youtube. 

  7. Tom Ames says:

    Is this another one of those “OMG this is such a cool and independent project not at all sponsored by Nabisco” videos like that Oreo de-creme-ing machine a few weeks ago?

  8. Boundegar says:

    The only solution to a bad guy with Oreos…

  9. geeks says:

    This is why I love language. I am fairly certain this is the first time in history that the words “Next we are going to shoot an Oreo into ballistic gelatin” were uttered in that order.

    • Petzl says:

      I disagree. It seems to be fairly common actually.  I’ve now seen this very sentence twice in the space of a few minutes.

  10. Don Simpson says:

    Why would you shoot Oreos? Shoot those crappy Hydrox cookies instead!

  11. morgane says:

    he has to order his Oreos from Amazon! They don’t have them in Germany? Anyway, brilliant!

    • DooMMasteR says:

      we do have them, but they are like really cheap on amazon and sinze he probably needed a lot he would have had to grase a lot of supermarkets to get the desired amount… amazon delivered them right to his door :)

  12. mandorim says:

    Next up: a scientific study finds that Oreos are more damaging to one’s health if ingested than if shot against the temples at point-blank range.

  13. T C Carter says:

    Today I learned that The Slingshot Channel is a thing …

  14. Joe Nolan says:

    Notice there is no mention of this delicious contraption in Feinstein’s bill…

  15. Scott Rose says:

    Couple this with squirt gun full of milk and you could probably hold off an army of preschoolers at least until nap-time.

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