Pixelated paintings made by filling bubblewrap bubbles with paint


7 Responses to “Pixelated paintings made by filling bubblewrap bubbles with paint”

  1. soylent_plaid says:

    The fool!  He’s only tempting people to pop his artwork into therapeutic oblivion!

  2. John Hopkins says:

    This is really cool but the image you show is not one of the bubble-wrap images: it’s acrylic on wood.  The injected images are in a different part of the website.

  3. Bradley Robinson says:


  4. Boundegar says:

    Has disqus gone haywire? The names above this post have ben changing. Also, Arabic spam.

  5. monstrinho says:

    ooh i just thought of the idea of bubblewrap filled with fake blood (or maybe nice smells for the squeamish) for really satisfying popping.

  6. CLamb says:

     Oooooh, scented bubble wrap.  What a great idea!  I wonder if bubble wrap manufacturers just use ambient air.  If so, it would be easy to put some scent into the air intake of a factory.

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