A celebration of ‘Paris Is Burning’ with Peaches Christ and Latrice Royale


3 Responses to “A celebration of ‘Paris Is Burning’ with Peaches Christ and Latrice Royale”

  1. noah django says:

    as a straight teen, I went to see it back around ’90 because I’d heard it was a good film.  which it very much was.  my second viewing was a screening in my college photo class as an example of great composition.  yes, masterful.

    it’s just a really good film.  it’s like, *I* hunted down a copy of Style Wars because I was writing graf really seriously back then; I was of the culture.  but it found a broader audience because the editing, the people, and the emergent subculture were just so compelling.  same deal with PIB.  everyone can enjoy this film.

  2. BJN says:

    When they cleaned out Dorian Corey’s apartment after she died, they found a mummified human body. Look it up.

  3. That’s “Latrice M*th*r Fu*king Royale” to you….

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