Apple removes Sweatshop iOS game

Matthew Humphries:

Sweatshop HD was created by BAFTA-winning creative studio Littleloud. It has tower defense gameplay mechanics, but tasks the player with running a sweatshop producing clothing and footwear. It is aimed at young people in a bid to get them thinking about where the clothes we buy come from and the conditions workers in some of these factories suffer through.


  1. A friend of mine has a horse week in his dutch restaurant De Klomp in Sweden. Facebook refused his advertising for horse dishes but eating horse meat in normal in Sweden.

  2. I have to be honest: whenever I see someone with an iPhone, I quietly assume they are a non tech-savvy newb who bought one because a family or friend or advertisement told them they are cool and they have to have one, but they don’t really use them beyond phone and facebook…most folks I see with iPhones tend to be older, teenagers, or live in the southern bay area.

    I’m sure a dozen people will reply that they are an uber hacker whose jailbreaked iPhone controls their 100,000 strong botnet, but that still seems to fit most people I see with iPhones, esp. outside of silicon valley.

    1. My jailbroken iPhone controls an army of 100,001 bots, which I only use to send spam about my free apps.

      How do I make money?

    2.  And, of course, anytime I see someone with an Android phone, I assume that they’re a l33t h4xx0r who rooted theirs the second they took it out of the box. Stickin’ it to the man, yeah!

      Ha, ha. Actually, I could count the number of people that I know who have rooted their Droid on one hand, wearing mittens, while carrying large and heavy packages. Nice snobbery about the “southern bay area” there, BTW.

    3. When I see people with iPhones, I instantly assume they are jerks. When I see them constantly fumbling their smartphones, I assume they do stuff on Facebook, which to me means they are sort of… assimilated. It’s a sort of automatism.

  3. The problem is that Americans want to earn the most amount of money yet pay the least amount for goods. As long as that is prevailing mindset, we are always going to outsource our labor and the economy will keep tanking. 

    1. The problem is that Americans want to earn the most amount of money yet pay the least amount for goods.

      By “Americans”, do you mean “humans”?

  4. Apple Marketing Dept: Showing people how sweatshops operate makes us very uncomfortable but the antisocial and completely criminal behavior in Grand Theft Auto is just fine, thank you much!

  5. If you are interested the game is available on the web as a flash game.  No need to have an phone.  A computer will do nicely.

  6. I’ve never owned an Apple product, and never will.  This rush to have the “latest, greatest” thing seems totally foolish.  

  7. The developers claim their game is endorsed by Labor Behind the Label.  There is no sign of this on the Labor Behind the Label website.

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