Astounding Beetlejuice roller-coaster made in Minecraft

This five-minute video takes you on a tour of the astounding Beetlejuice roller-coaster created by Nuropsych1 and friends. It incorporates many of the best visual elements from this outstanding film, all set to an excellent remix of the Beetlejuice soundtrack, one of the great instrumental pieces of all time.

This was done on the XBOX 360 in creative mode. We worked on it off and on for two months.

Beetle Juice - A Minecraft Roller Coaster (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Hmm I guessed they were using mcedit, not sure how much freedom the xbox creative mode gives you, but I am not sure how they accomplished some of the events.

    I guess that is why I have pulled away from minecraft a bit, someone else has probably already done it a lot better than I could have. 

    My 7 year old is getting into it now though, so that is fun. She mostly likes to plant flowers, throw snowballs and hide in her house when the mobs come, even on peaceful mode.

  2. All I was thinking was ‘Dear Lord, I hope that some of those areas were procedurally generated.’

    Then, I thought how goddamned bored I am with dubstep..I spent a few months in SF last year, and it was like EVERY piece of music ANYWHERE had to be dubstep. Dance party…something different finally comes on, shit it’s James Brown! Alright! (20 seconds later) James Brown…DUBSTEP REMIX!!!

    Don’t mean to whinge, this was definition EPIC, balls to the wall creative, and highly enjoyable to watch. Who the hell even came up with this crazy idea, anyhow?!?!?

    1.  I’m with you. The video was amazing. The music was about the polar opposite of an “excellent remix”–I turned it off early on.

  3.  Needs a part where the little fellow yells an obscenity and then kicks down the scenery.

  4. Thank you Nuropsych1 and friends! This made my day/weekend/life. As a huge fan of the movie imagery and soundtrack, you did it more than justice. You took it to a whole new (Minecraft) level.

  5. Fantastic, indeed! I just kept going and going with more to see and enjoy! I also enjoyed the music.

  6. I was ready to watch another cool Minecraft thing, but I’m always a bit underwhelmed by things made with mods and editors.

    Then I saw this was done on the XBox which is double hardcore! Amazing!

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