Beautiful booze-trailer for sale


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  1. waetherman says:

    You took the copy from the section on the limited edition bottle of bourbon, not the part about the trailer, which includes details like the fact that it has a flat-screen TV, sound system and blu-ray player. And that 10% of the proceeds go to support amfar, which is a nice touch.

    I want to see the interior shots – does it have club chairs inside? That would be awesome.

    • Stefan Jones says:

       I don’t think there’d be room inside for significant furnishings. Any chairs would have to be collapsible, so they could be gotten out of the way when the bar is slid back inside!

    • Marko Raos says:

      You actually want to sit inside and watch “flat-screen TV, sound system and blu-ray player”?!?!?!?!? Why don’t you stay in your basement then?

      • waetherman says:

        No, I’m just curious what it looks like in there – they describe it as being so luxurious but it seems it would be rather cramped. For all I know the TV is on the outside. For something that costs $150k, they sure are stingy with the jpegs.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

        Aye. Me, I try to stay away from bars with TVs in them, flat-screen or CRT, on the grounds that they’ve probably got sport on them, which ruins my enjoyment of getting drunk and talking to people. Blech.

  2. legsmalone says:

    A year’s supply? Hmm. I’m suspicious. 365 bottles would never fit in there.

  3. franko says:

    man, one good bump on the road to where ever you’re going and all that glass would shatter in such an unholy mess! also, i want one of these badly.

  4. brucearthurs says:

    Reminds me of articles in old issues of POPULAR MECHANICS and similar publications in the 1950′s.  One had guidelines for making a fully equipped kitchen-on-a-trailer to take along on camping trips.  (Nowadays, tailgating in stadium parking lots is more likely.)

  5. Jesseham says:

    “Shaken, not stirred.”
    “Not a problem.”

  6. Donald Petersen says:

    I wonder what my net cost would be if I bought the trailer, sold off all the hooch, and just stocked it with a keg or two of Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer.

    • welcomeabored says:

      Perfect, except Thomas Kemper makes better root beer with stronger vanilla notes (if you prefer that, I do).  To replace the hooch, I’d add a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey – so smooth.  *sip*

      • oasisob1 says:

        Oh great, the root beer wars begin…

        No arguing about stuff unless you’re professionals in the field. Now run along or Mr. Honan will get you.

        • welcomeabored says:

          I can’t speak for Petersen, but I would never go to war over root beer, that would be ridiculous.  Even if I did once idle away many an afternoon, sitting outside the Thomas Kemper tasting room, back when it was a little brewery with chairs and picnic tables on the lawn and loads of good food via picnic basket, and jolly people to share it with.  It was then, and still is excellent root beer, made just a little better by sweet memories.  Can Petersen put up an equal candidate?  *sigh* Probably, but until Monday, I win. 

          No, we seem to save our rounds of yearly fisticuffs for more important subjects, like licorice.

          • oasisob1 says:

            now there’s an argument i can get behind.

          • Donald Petersen says:

            Kemper.  Yeah, it’s okay.  It’ll do in a pinch if you can’t get Duffy’s or Weinhard’s.  I took the Duffy’s tour down Boulder way about seventeen years ago.  The stuff is so rich it actually has a brown head.  Smooth as can be.  We bought a keg for the wrap party, then the prop department took the rest home to California, since we couldn’t buy it out here.  The prop master still swears Duffy’s was the best.  But his assistant, and the director, and the DGA trainee, and I all agree: Weinhard’s wins by a nose.

            But Kemper’s okay.  Especially with the cute cartoons on the mini-keg can.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

         Vanilla notes? I thought all root beer tasted like germolene? I’ve never tried any that didn’t (though it’s a lot less prevalent in England than the US). Is there such a thing as nice root beer? Good lord.

        • welcomeabored says:

          I had to wiki germolene.  The site doesn’t mention germolene as an ingredient used in root beer.  If there is an ingredient used in root beer, that’s also used in Preparation H, I DON’T WANNA KNOW!  *stuffs genie back in bottle*

          • gishzida en says:

            The antiseptic was scented with Oil of Wintergreen… which explains the aroma… since wintergreen is part of the flavoring of root beer–  but taste? How would one know what it tastes like unless they …? Bleech!

        • Donald Petersen says:

          I’m told that, as a rule, folks from Europe generally can’t stand root beer.  Which strikes me as fairly odd, since “root beer” is such a catchall term for so very many flavored sodas, many of which bear absolutely no resemblance to each other.  “Rawhide Red” is made with essence of stinging nettle, and tastes like a Gila monster’s acid reflux.  Then there’s Barq’s, which wasn’t marketed as a root beer for a long time.  (For one thing, most root beers, unlike Barq’s, are not caffeinated.  Barq’s also has almost no head.)

          A good root beer should be, IMHO, more of a dessert than a thirst quencher.  Pour some Weinhard’s or A&W over vanilla ice cream and you have an almost universally-beloved American treat.  On the other hand, try choking down Dad’s or Hires or Barq’s or Rawhide Red, and you’ll be left wondering why anyone should bother to acquire the taste for those.

          • welcomeabored says:

            I’d ‘like’ this several times for ‘Gila monster’s acid reflux’ but the software doesn’t seem to appreciate how really funny that is, nor will many other commentors see it back here on page 4.  Their loss.

            Yes, Duffy’s Rowdy Root Beer is still being made.  I called downtown to RocketFizz to see if they had any… but alas.  I’ve emailed both Duffy’s and RocketFizz.  Duffy’s to see where the nearest outlet is to buying a bottle.   And RocketFizz asking them to look into carrying the brand in their Fort Collins store, now that they make their sodee pop with cane sugar (one of RocketFizz’ provisions).  We’ll see what kinda response I get.

          • Donald Petersen says:

            I look forward to it, and to your review.  Seriously, Duffy’s is that good.  Very sweet and rich; pouring it over ice cream would be almost overkill.

            I think I have one bottle remaining in my “root beer museum” next to the garage.  If it’s still there, I’ll send you a picture of the label.  Very handmade-looking, though somewhat above the handwritten Avery label level.

          • welcomeabored says:

            What Europeans may lack in root beer, they make up for in hard cider… but that’s not your bailiwick.

          • Antinous / Moderator says:

            I’m told that, as a rule, folks from Europe generally can’t stand root beer.

            Europeans aren’t (well, didn’t used to be) sugar addicts the way that Americans have been for the last half century. The idea of drowning your meal with a giant glass of syrup is repulsive.

      • One keg of each, then. I like variety in root beer myself. And you can keep the Jack.

  7. EH says:

    Obvs the smart money is in renting this and yourself out as a portable bar and bartender.

  8. Ian Wood says:

    I don’t look at a $150,000 booze trailer and think “small doses.”

  9. bobcorrigan says:

    The good part about this is: you’d never care how cramped it is inside.  After enjoying a few generous pours of Old Whiplash, you could sleep on a street corner.  Genius.

  10. pjcamp says:

    I don’t get the door. If you push all the drawers in, there’s nowhere to go.

    Of course, if you pull all the drawers out, you have a perfect pass-out cubby. I guess the theory is that someone who needs a trailer full of booze clearly needs a dry place to pass out.

    • Hanglyman says:

      I wonder what the inside looks like too. It looks like you might not even be able to squeeze in through the top of the door if the bar isn’t pulled out. The page touts the lavish leather interior with state-of-the-art entertainment center, but not once do they show it, either in the pictures or video. Maybe it’s a TARDIS?

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      Then you’re passed out inside the trailer with a year’s supply of bourbon on display. Are there any locks on that thing?

  11. Bryce says:

    Elmer T Lee is the best bang for your buck bourbon

  12. AKA Mr. Lahey’s new trailer

  13. G3 says:

    Tell you this, here in the States, with some states having lax med-mary laws and their neighbors still being hardcore puritans, it’s not BOOZE that people are looking to haul across state lines.

  14. gishzida en says:

    Cory, I don’t quite understand the purpose of ‘advertizing” a  trailer by ‘Needless Markup’  for $150K when the trailer itself could probably be bought from a ‘Tear Drop’ Camper manufacturer [this design is based upon the classic design of the 40s and 50s] for probably on the order of $25,000 with the Swill… which means the mark-up less the donation is $110,000.

    Consider who has the money to buy this kind of thing… certainly not a sixty-ish unemployed person such as myself.  Or is this a subtle ‘dig’ at those of the 1% who can afford to buy this kind of thing as they  otherwise use or abuse the rest of us [employment, healthcare, etc.] so they can have their toys?

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