Launching the UK edition of Rapture of the Nerds TODAY at Forbidden Planet London

Hey, Londoners! I'll be launching the UK edition of Rapture of the Nerds today at 1PM at Forbidden Planet. Although the book is available across the country at finer stores, this will be your only chance to stroke the marvellous 3D printed Space Marine Stross and have your picture taken with it.


    1. Because there are people who like to line their man-caves with dead trees.

      (And because Tor — the US publisher — doesn’t actually sell books in the UK. Tor UK is a different company, believe it or not.)

  1. I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with the author’s (authors’?) name being larger than the actual name of the book, from a stylistic perspective. I suppose it makes sense – people will be attracted to the book based, largely, upon the known merits of the author. However, it just seems a bit jaded and cynical, at least to me .

    Looking at the cover again, I concede, the colouration and font choices allow the title to cut through background noise nicely.

    1.  Please note:  the authors don’t get to design their own book covers! Shocking but true.

      1.  Ha, not terribly surprising! I hope that my comment didn’t read as if I were blaming you guys. That’s not what I meant.

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