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3 Responses to “Guatemala: In 1982, ex-dictator Rios Montt told this documentary filmmaker, "I Control the Army"”

  1. Steve Laudig says:

    All of this evil was given birth by the US government. Unfortunately his US trainers are not in the dock with them. They are receiving pensions.

    • Marc Mielke says:

      The U.S. would never hand their citizens over to be tried at the Hague. In fact, it’s rather well-known that our Special Forces teams already have plans for extracting Americans from there. 

  2. pamelayates says:

    We’re not talking about The Hague. We are talking about right here in the US. The US is not a member state of the ICC so Americans wouldn’t be tried there.  And US citizens should demand justice from those military trainers, and politician complicit in the Guatemalan genocide. There are forensic people working on uncovering this kind of evidence. And as with the Ríos Montt case, much good new evidence always comes out in a trial.