Radiohead in the late 1980s


Yep, that's Thom Yorke, Phil Selway, Ed O'Brien, and Colin Greenwood in the late 1980s. Back then Johnny Greenwood wasn't yet in the band who were still called On A Friday. This photo turned up during research for a documentary Anyone Can Play Guitar, about the Oxford, England music scene that also spawned Supergrass, Swervedriver, Foals, and others.


  1. In the early 90s, I saw an ad in a local free paper for buttons and stickers for a new band, so I mailed in for mine. Turns out it was Radiohead promoting the single “I’m A Creep”. Still have that button around here somewhere…

    1. Probably the bass player. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden has the respect of bassists, whatever music they usually play or listen to. Bassists feel the same way about John Taylor of Duran Duran.  

      1. hmm.  good call.  doesn’t matter what style, all guitarists hold a torch for my middle name.  i don’t even play lol.

  2. what happened to all the comments?  i left and came back, there’s only one now?  [shakes fist]  Dis-quuuuussssss!

    anyway, have another:

      1. Oh my god. I hadn’t even noticed. Thank you, for pretty hilarious proof that Radiohead, at one point, also enjoyed Marillion.

  3. The UK and Ireland have a massive universe of amazing music. It’s astounding. The greatest postwar pop music comes from there, with the U.S. running a close second. 

    1. You’re right, in so much as the great post-war White British music owes a massive debt to pre-war Black American music, which made the leap into UK/Ire culture because there weren’t the same racial issues as there were (are) in the US. 

    1. seriously. she’s EVERYWHERE. now that i know she gets her energy by catching naps a MOMA, it makes a bit more sense, but still.

  4. I’ll be seeing this film, it looks good. I used to love a lot of these bands (Ride and Swervedriver in particular; the latter I didn’t even know were from Oxford) and I moved to Oxford for work a few years ago. By the time I was living in OX4 though the local music scene had dwindled to almost nothing, although I did hear some interesting sounds coming from the odd garage in the neighbourhood.
    I *did* help design a house for Gaz Coombes’ (Supergrass) dad, and I once saw the guy from Ride who’s now in Oasis in WH Smith’s, so there’s that…

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