Trippy mandala optical illusions

Here's a great optical illusion (click above to see the animation) -- when you blink fast, beautiful mandalas emerge.

Blink Fast (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. That’s pretty much what my eyeballs looked like when I rode my motorbike to work this morning, here in balmy London.

  2. Curiously, this gif is tileable – and it looks way way trippier when used in fullscreen mode. I wrote this in a couple of minutes:

    1. It’s actually /not/ tileable. This is a graph of some sort of projection of Penrose tiling; once you know that, finding the seams in the gif you made is straightforward. Yours looks lovely, however.

  3. That IS cool. I’m not sure how I take the blinking thing tho. This might be by the same guy  :  :  it looks similar.

      1. I’ve always felt that those who take offense when none was offered should be treated as thieves.

    1. In a manner of speaking, since it’s a quasicrystal diffraction pattern, which is caused by the diffusion and self-reaction of light with itself (by waveform cancellation or amplification) through a crystal.

      1. Hrm, if I have my contacts out and look at a point/coherent light source in a dark room (e.g. single LED), I see patterns much like this.  I wonder if that’s light bouncing around my lens.

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