Trippy mandala optical illusions


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  1. DewiMorgan says:

    I don’t see why blinking changes anything. Blinking or not, they’re visible.

  2. peregrinus says:

    That’s pretty much what my eyeballs looked like when I rode my motorbike to work this morning, here in balmy London.

  3. rausantaella says:

    Curiously, this gif is tileable – and it looks way way trippier when used in fullscreen mode. I wrote this in a couple of minutes:

  4. Midnight_Wanderer says:

    That IS cool. I’m not sure how I take the blinking thing tho. This might be by the same guy  :  :  it looks similar.

  5. Matt Grice says:

    Holy hell, didn’t anyone consider a migraine trigger warning?

  6. jlargentaye says:

    Is this the product of a Reaction-Diffusion system?

    • bardfinn says:

      In a manner of speaking, since it’s a quasicrystal diffraction pattern, which is caused by the diffusion and self-reaction of light with itself (by waveform cancellation or amplification) through a crystal.

      • bill_mcgonigle says:

        Hrm, if I have my contacts out and look at a point/coherent light source in a dark room (e.g. single LED), I see patterns much like this.  I wonder if that’s light bouncing around my lens.

  7. timquinn says:

    My expertise is in enjoying this and I am very good.

  8. Boundegar says:

    My God, it’s full of stars.

  9. Phlip says:

    Is it a “Penrose Tile”?

  10. Genre Slur says:

    I love quasicrystals about as much as I love the Steady State hypothesis. 

  11. Well this is weird. I’ve had this Twitter profile picture for years now…

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