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39 Responses to “Watch all six Star Wars movies at once”

  1. bardfinn says:

    — No.

  2. Love the cacophony of the score slightly out of time x6… Never liked John Williams more. 

  3. Daneel says:

    There are only 3 Star Wars films.

  4. annoyingmouse says:

    Well I was hoping for The Holiday Special, Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor but no, those other three films are there instead…

  5. Nell Anvoid says:

    Didn’t take long for them to get annoyingly out of synch. 

    ….Sort of a metaphor for the entire series,

  6. iamlegion says:

    Wow. It doesn’t take much in the way of “out of sync” to make my ears bleed.

  7. Gtmac says:

    Is there a way a video can be produced that allows me to watch the unwatch some of these?

    • gtronsistem says:

      Douglas Rushkoff would call it digiphrenia, I call it grideo.

      similar idea but you control it, different material though…
      it’s flash though, and a slow load of 100 videos
      read the instructions, you can control 13 videos at once:

      • Jim Kelly says:

         Grideo ~ Greedo?

        • gtronsistem says:

          a grid of videos = grideo, though I did like it that Han shot that motherf***ing bounty hunting a**hole
          seriously, go try it. i bet there’s nothing else like it anywherejust be patient at the load, it’s a mess, thanks

  8. Stooge says:

    I don’t remember the original main theme featuring quite so many bagpipes.

  9. Damien Bailey says:

    The opening credits sound like a high school recital 

  10. Eric Meyers says:

    My unscientific check of the runtimes (going straight to the end of the video) led me to discover that all three prequels are longer than the three originals. That seems kind of unfair.

  11. Senior Fellows says:

    This was already done with the original trilogy, but was pulled by the user. 

  12. oasisob1 says:

    They were placed in the wrong order. IV-VI should occupy the slots for I-III, and I-III should just be replaced by Dune, Bladerunner and Blazing Saddles.

    I would sit through just the first three (IV-VI) stacked, but all six is too many.

  13. jrmedd says:

    Wow, Obi-Wan really isn’t having a good time at about 1:32:30

  14. PhosPhorious says:

    A better way to save time is to skip the prequels altogether.

  15. dawdler says:


  16. Leo says:

    Now sync up The Dark Side of the Moon…

  17. capnmarrrrk says:

    It will waste exactly half of my time.

  18. Boundegar says:

    I am concerned that Han might pull out his blaster, break the fourth wall, and blow Jar-Jar to bits.

    • Kendra Billings says:

      That thought does not concern me. It delights me. It certainly would make Episode I easier to get through.

  19. Jenny Lam says:

    The beginning is making me laugh way more than it should.

  20. akbar56 says:

    I did the same thing two years ago with the opening of the first 16 James Bond films. Synced at gun shot, ends at opening song start.


  21. UncaScrooge says:

    Get out of my mind! All of you!!

  22. Hanglyman says:

    Somehow I never noticed the parallel between the opening shots of A New Hope and Return of the Jedi until now.

  23. lorq says:

    Once you get past the title crawl, you do certainly get a vivid reminder of what a rich and distinctive sonic environment these films created.  That’s one hell of a sound bath.

  24. Petzl says:

    This is arranged
    1 2
    3 4
    5 6
    Everyone knows when you watch all Star Wars episodes at the same time, you want to see it
    1 4
    2 5
    3 6
    (Mostly so you can ignore the left side.)

  25. Kendra Billings says:

    Sadly it’s been taken down already. Because obviously potential customers would watch that video instead of purchasing the DVD’s. Because the viewing experiences were so comparable. And the audio! I’d listen to that instead of the soundtracks and be just tickled with the quality of my thievery.

    • vonbobo says:

      I was going to buy a bunch of action figures in my post viewing consumer frenzy.

    • RaidenDaigo says:

       Seriously, I wonder if Disney knows theses other companies are now claiming they own Star Wars.

  26. Jaan says:

    Pulled already.  I wish people still used mirrors to get around these sorts of things…

  27. That would be the biggest torture I can imagine