Abandoned cake-box at airport turns into inadvertent Portal-themed security worry

An empty cake-shipping box abandoned at the Tampa airport reportedly freaked out passengers and Portal players: "My visit to Tampa has drawn to a close, and The Lady just dropped me off at the airport. Right by the Air Canada entrance, this styrofoam box marked “CAKE” has been unnerving passengers. It’s empty — it probably held cake for transport but was too big to fit into the car that picked it up — but I let some airport staff know that it was beginning to worry some people. Namely, the security-conscious and Portal players."

Unnerving People at the Airport (or: The Cake is a Lie!)


    1. Checking shoes and bottles of water. Until we have a “cake bomber” they couldn’t give two shits about cake, suspicious or otherwise. It’s not on the list!

    2. I was recently waiting in line to check in for a flight. Security was called over because someone left a duffel bag unattended. One of the people called over *kicked* it.

  1. Well, you know they’d rather have cake OR death, not cake AND death.

    That’s just not fair.

  2. Honestly, I would be very suspicious of this box. Let me put it this way, if you were playing D&D and the DM told you there was a nondescript box marked “cake,” would you open it? Its like the Landshark skit: “candygram.”

    1. Unless of course you are the same guy who insists on pulling the lever clearly marked “Do not touch” and releases an angry Beholder.

    2. On the other hand, as a FPS player I am always delighted to find food lying around.

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