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  1. Meg Bevilacqua says:

    The automation of image posts to Tumblr from Dropbox files is a nifty feature, but I’d be concerned about maintaining the proper attributions for .gif creators. It’s generally considered bad Tumblr etiquette to repost material instead of reblogging it, but I’d be willing to take that karmic hit as long as proper credit was given. Is there a way to make IFTT include metadata in the new image post?

    • Dean Putney says:

      I usually find the GIFs in other locations that don’t have sources. I imagine you could set up an IFTTT trigger to manage a faster reblog, but until people start using file-based metadata any other method may be impossible.

  2. Tommy says:

    I managed to watch two pages before both your sites died.

  3. eggsyntax says:

    Is there more info posted somewhere about your process for the shared music blog? I’d be interested in learning more. I took a look at the site but didn’t see any info there. Thanks!

    • Dean Putney says:

      This is mostly custom code based off of WordPress’s PressThis button and doesn’t quite behave the same way as the GIF blog. We’re working on building a plugin for our own use to get it down to a one-click process. Email me at dean at boing if you’re looking for more info.

  4. NeetWoorjees says:

    Now if there were some way to automate the tedious process of reading through a huge pile of automatically generated “content” ….

    • Dean Putney says:

      The idea here is to assist curation, not to scrape and generate the content itself. That’s a whole separate problem I’ve been trying to tackle quietly. I’d like all my sources for GIFs to be merged together and easily pushed out to the blog, but that’s a mighty big task with so much content.

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