Cardboard cops to deter traffic violators

TraffffffffI've heard anecdotal evidence that lifesize cardboard cut-outs of police officers in shops can deter shoplifting. Now Bangalore police are using the same method to deter traffic violators. "It is not a gimmick. Wherever we have put up these cut outs, violations have come down," Traffic Commissioner MA Saleem told the BBC.


    1. To this Canadian, the speed traps in the Mayan Riviera are craaaazy. Rumble-tire-damage strips, armed guards, not a cardboard cop in sight.

      Holy crap do they take speeding near the tourists seriously…

  1. Cardboard cutout people are everywhere!  The Kodak lady etc – they’ve done it for years, apparently it works.

    Unfortunately I’m often quite attracted to them.

  2. 2D police cars complete with flashing lights can be found in Japan. They’re relocatable, too, so you never know whether they are decoys or the real thing.

  3. Back in the early 90s, some towns in Norway were using them near schools, to reduce the average speed in the area. It actually worked for a little while, but then drivers got used to them, and they were silently replaced with real cops and real speed metering gear, in a very timely fashion.

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