Ms. Boing Boing breastfeeds calf


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  1. Dean Putney says:

    I think we’ll have to get a whiteboard first, David.

  2. noah django says:

    [whistles and cat-calls]

  3. Sven Felsby says:

    how on earth did this pass BoingBoing moderator censorship?

  4. bheater says:

    I pitched that to you back in September. Does no one read my emails anymore?

  5. Digilante says:

    Always interesting to see what different people term NSFW.

    There is no nudity there, no nipples, no interesting poses. What exactly is NSFW about this?

    I was similarly surprised by a BB editor who wrote about Game Of Thrones and not wanting his daughter to even smell the love scenes, but the chopping off heads part was just fine.

    There is no more natural thing than the human body, and no more natural act than sex. Why is that so bad, while rolling heads seems to be perfectly acceptable family entertainment?

    I much prefer the German ratings standard – a film with frontal nudity – restriction 12, while a violent film often gets 18. Surely that’s the right way around?

    • Drew Wellman says:

      Pretty sure it’s one’s work that decides what’s “not safe for work”. 

    • Stiv says:

      GoT’s sex scenes are intended to titillate though. It’s hardly ever just two people sexin’ it up ‘cos they love each other.

    • timquinn says:

      So, you find it helps with decision making to stereotype mercilessly?

      • Digilante says:

         I’d love to reply to you in a more intelligent manner, but I must say that your comment is totally lost on me. Heh, perhaps that’s the point you’re making? ;-)

    • Brian Bishop says:

      You seem to already understand why this is NSFW. Thank you for your sound argument regarding why it OUGHT to be SFW though.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

        I’m confused. It’s  a somewhat blurry thumbnail of a woman pulling a face at a cow. the link follows to some pictures of the same woman not showing a cow her tits. Where do you work, 1857?

    • Purple-Stater says:

       The difference, to me anyways, is that I expect adolescents to fully understand exactly why beheading those you don’t agree with is not an acceptable thing to do.  I also expect them to not fully understand why rampant sex isn’t a great idea at a young age.

  6. Stiv says:

    Well, that’s quite the thing. Quite the thing indeed.

  7. SummerFang says:

    I love weird stuff!

    • dioptase says:

      Welcome to the internet we’ve got fun and games

      We got everything you want honey, we know the https

      We are the people that can find whatever you may need

      If you got the browser honey we got your disease

  8. chris jimson says:

    Note to self:

    Humans drinking bovine milk = perfectly normal.

    Bovines drinking human milk = apparently not OK.

    • theophrastvs says:

      that’s just a special case of Fingermannn’s 3rd law of consuming stuff: it’s jim-dandy if a creature of “higher form” consumes a creature of “lower form” but not the reverse (“higher” and “lower” to be established by blatant arbitrary assertion)  sooo, for example, that’s why yer basic bird/bat-eating-spider is a quite the stuff of nightmares.  …selah.

    • nox says:

      Directly from the teat? 

  9. Christopher says:

    This brings up disturbing memories of a Piers Anthony short story I read as a teenager. 

  10. Shohanna says:

    Got Milk?

  11. Boris Bartlog says:

    I wouldn’t advise this. Not because of some aversion to interspecies contact, but just on practical grounds – calves have a *really* strong sucking action, and they also headbutt (the udder, or in this case the breast) pretty hard if they feel like they’re not getting as much milk as they wanted. It would probably be a bit much.

    • social_maladroit says:

      One time my wife and I were staying with some friends of hers at their ranch. The proprietress handed me what looked like an oversized baby bottle filled with milk, and told me to go feed their orphan calf.

      That fucker instantly became my new best friend. He followed me around and butted me, trying to get at that bottle, even when it’d been empty for the last 5 minutes. I was unprepared for how aggressive he was. He only stopped when I put a fence in between us.

      It was pretty amusing, and the landlady probably got a chuckle out of it, too.

      So you’re probably right!

  12. Gbaji says:

    Cattle hear something different when you talk about your “brand.”

  13. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Boing Boing marketing meeting:

    “Let’s see, Boing Boing t-shirts, mugs, books, woman breastfeeding a calf… “

  14. ChickieD says:

    And what, pray tell, are your plans for Mr. Boing Boing?

  15. Can you imagine sloppy-seconds with that one?  Moooooooo!

  16. Boundegar says:

    See?  See?  The Catholic League warned us that Geico commercial would lead to this, but did we listen?  Mooo – I mean, nooooo!

  17. ldobe says:

    I wonder what Cowicide thinks about this?

  18. destroy_all_humans says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen Mark do this before

  19. nadabupkis says:

    What’s the big deal? Humans have nursed piglets, deer, opossum, monkeys, etc. We’re all mammals. This was covered six days ago in “How Babies Work”:

  20. Purple-Stater says:

    Having some farm-based experience with feeding calves (not *that* way admittedly), I feel safe guaranteeing that no human would ever try to breastfeed a calf twice.

    Mammograms would be a heavenly delightful experience, comparatively.

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