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  1. Request – I’d love it if you had a “Tumblr” link on each BB post that would allow us to easily reblog Boing Boing posts with all of the source stuff included. (Doing it manually takes a little effort – not much but some, and it’s way too easy to repost stuff without linking back to the source on Tumblr, unfortunately.)

    Tumblr links. Bring them on.

  2. So why would I subscribe to any of these? I love the bb website. Is the same quality expected here going to be withheld now and dived up evenly between all the other “bb club” sites? I hope not. 

    1. Seconded.  And, it strikes me as incongruous that a site like boingboing — which addresses a crowd that is highly conscious of things like individual freedoms, privacy, and runaway corporatocracy — would gloss over the complexity of a decision like giving Facebook yet another datapoint to sell to all bidders (and to leak to all who hack past Facebook’s “privacy guards”… don’t get me started).  

        1. I didn’t mean to imply I felt I had to use facebook… I just would have liked the BB headline to be more nuanced than the call to action that it is.

      1. See the “Like” button up on the left (I do because I dropped into an insecure browser to post this)? That gives Facebook the datapoint anyway. It’s less valuable than a “Like” on FB itself, but it’s still tracked and available for sale.

        1. Very good point.  I personally use Ghostery (and noScript) so I don’t “give away” this data.  I’d strongly recommend widespread use of the same.

      1. In other words, and as the photo says, “There’s magic everywhere in this bitch.”

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