Assemblage raygun

The latest piece from mad assemblage sculptor Roger Wood is this delightful ray-gun: "Another mental health break from clocks with this Steampunk ray gun and charging stand."


      1. It is probably on the lamp where he got that finial from.

        “Honey? Why does the lamp have a trigger on it?”

        …and where is the armored banana compartment? I know not all ray guns need one…

  1. I saw a video on youtube that shows how simple it is to turn this nonfunctioning display into a working deathray. I am astonished that BB would post this image. I merely plays into the hands of raygun culture… or something.

    1.  I hear you can 3D print working deathrays :-0 But you have to have one of those Steampunk 3D printers that can print in wood, brass and leather…

      1. At this point, just easier to invent a time machine, toss the right modern technologies in front of the right inventors, kick causality in the crotch, and return to a raygun-laden future.

  2. So these assemblage rays, if I point a assemblage raygun at a pile of motorcycle parts will it assemble a Ducati ?

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