Back issues of the NSA's secret, in-house mag

The National Security Agency has released an archive of back issues of Cryptolog, its secret, in-house magazine, in a repository spanning 1974 to 1997. The issues are heavily redacted in places, but still look like a promising source of interesting and curious facts.



(via Schneier)


  1. Does the British Government produce anything like that? We were thinking about moving to London, but wanted to research the fee structure for a Licence to Kill.

    & do you have to renew those things annually? Does it include all weapons, including vehicular kills? No driving test, right? It’s really hard to get good info from the internet about these things.

  2. This would make a gorgeous coffee table book.  Art editor [redacted] did a bang up job.

    Also:  did anybody else worry about this link being a honey pot to skim IP addresses?  I have a busy day, and don’t want to be having to dodge drones all afternoon.

    1. Nah, I went there and skimmed over a few for nostalgic reasons. I could tell you who [redacted] ski is, but then i’d have to go to jail.

  3. Amazing.  Top Secret Umbra materials from the NSA declassified.  I’ll bet they missed enough stuff or left enough clues for someone who really knows what they’re doing on this subject to write an interesting article or series of articles about the redacted entries.  Heck, even I was able to use an illustration left in one of their declassified spysat histories to determine what a redacted portion of the text was talking about.

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