Band puts up Times Square billboard asking for views on piracy

The band Ghost Beach won a promo deal with American Eagle, and spent the money on a prominent billboard in Times Square asking people to tweet their feelings about piracy. Piracy is winning:

Piracy is progress, piracy is freedom, piracy is harmless, piracy is inevitable, piracy is robbery, piracy is evil, piracy is selfish, or is it a fad?

The statements above are displayed on one of the world’s most prominent billboards in Times Square, New York. The billboard displays both positive and negative views on piracy and encourages the public to add their views via Twitter. Thus far the for-piracy side outnumbers the against-piracy side 20 to 1...

“Rather than just put up another advertisement, we decided to open a discussion up with our peers about how they felt about music distribution on the internet and the future of the industry,” the band tells TorrentFreak.

“Piracy Is Progress” Billboard on Times Square Divides Artists [Torrentfreak/Ernesto]


  1. I don’t know how they would justify it, but I have no doubt that some vested interest will have this billboard taken down in very short order.

      1. Yeah, nobody advocating for Free Culture is going to use the Ministry of Information’s Orwellian language in a Times Square ad buy.  Now excuse me while I go gang-rape some GPL’ed software from github.

          1. No. When you copy a file, the original is preserved. Deleting a file is kind of like murder, I guess. But I think in principle that we agree.

  2. All the result say are, more people want stuff free than people who create it!
    But that’s always the case, so no surprises there.


      So far I haven’t heard many “artists” making a strong stand against piracy except that one metal drummer. Oh, apparently Elton John and Bono as well.

      It’s a bummer I’ll have to stop listening to old Metallica but can’t say that I really care about the other two.

      1. There’s far more people involved in the Internet than the already successful ‘artists’ following the pro-piracy trendies. People forget that bands make their money playing live, so piracy promotes their ticket sales, they’re like free to distribute flyers. Good for them. Other industries don’t fare so well.

  3. Piracy is not any of those things.  Piracy is when you stop a ship in the middle of the ocean and steal it or its cargo.

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