"Fake" tax-scam movie won film award

When British authorities began to suspect that a movie production was in fact a massive tax scam, the producers were forced to cover their tracks by actually making the movie. It even won an award from the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival; an award only rescinded after tax inspectors nevertheless swooped in. The movie's name? Landscape of Lies. Enjoy the trailer! [Daily Mail]


  1. I just listened to a This American Life episode in which the FBI plans a fake movie in order to catch teamsters accepting bribes ;) Episode 244: MacGyver.

    The producer really wanted to convince the FBI to let him make the movie even after they arrested the teamster bosses but they didn’t let him do it!

    1.  I know right? Either the film was good enough to warrant an award, or it wasn’t. Being funded illicitly doesn’t make the plot/direction etc any worse.

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