Save Noisebridge!

A reader writes, "Noisebridge, San Francisco's Hackerspace, is having some hard times, so we're throwing an epic benefit and party this Saturday, to include eclectic performers, interactive art, a raffle and more! For more details, if any BBers want to put on demos or ideas share them.


  1. Running a makerspace/hackerspace is hard – $2k a month for an operation like Noisebridge is amazingly cheap – and everyone in SF should be supporting such an amazing resource – run down there and throw some money in the kitty – remember those smart kids passing through there will be powering the economy in you dotage

    I run a small local makerspace, we’re tiny in comparison but our costs are more than 1/4 of a giant like NB – we ask regulars to toss in $20/month, but don’t turn anyone away – the difference comes from my pocket, I think it’s a great investment in the future

  2. I have become a savior, gaze upon me with awe.

    Lord knows I waste way more than $10/month on way less than supporting this awesome community experiment.

    And on a sidenote: what up Shalaco!

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