Save Noisebridge!

A reader writes, "Noisebridge, San Francisco's Hackerspace, is having some hard times, so we're throwing an epic benefit and party this Saturday, to include eclectic performers, interactive art, a raffle and more! For more details, if any BBers want to put on demos or ideas share them.

4 Responses to “Save Noisebridge!”

  1. Shalaco Sching says:

    Donate $10 a month to help guarantee noisebridge steady income.

    Paypal Subscription:

    Hate Paypal? Use Causes:

    Still doesn’t work for you? Let the treasurer know what will, he promises to personally come to your house and fish quarters out of your sofa if that’s what it takes.

  2. Taniwha says:

    Running a makerspace/hackerspace is hard – $2k a month for an operation like Noisebridge is amazingly cheap – and everyone in SF should be supporting such an amazing resource – run down there and throw some money in the kitty – remember those smart kids passing through there will be powering the economy in you dotage

    I run a small local makerspace, we’re tiny in comparison but our costs are more than 1/4 of a giant like NB – we ask regulars to toss in $20/month, but don’t turn anyone away – the difference comes from my pocket, I think it’s a great investment in the future

  3. Brad Johnson says:

    I just donated. Thanks, Cory. I know about Noisebridge ’cause of BB. Turns out I work 2 blocks away. 

  4. wrybread says:

    I have become a savior, gaze upon me with awe.

    Lord knows I waste way more than $10/month on way less than supporting this awesome community experiment.

    And on a sidenote: what up Shalaco!

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