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9 Responses to “Short sf film about future augmented reality graffiti”

  1. noah django says:

    it’s…  interesting, but that narrator’s voice is a bit over the top.  can you say a reading is stilted even if the script is fine?  yes?  OK, that’s an incredibly stilted reading.

    reminds me of a short story published in Analog that covered this same theme way back around ’89.  no QR codes, though; the paint was filled with nanobots.  a few years later I realized the author didn’t know too much about writing graf, but it was a pretty memorable story.  my issues are long gone, though.  is this familiar to anyone?

  2. ldobe says:

    I’m loving the music, but I must agree with @boingboing-85f3375756047fba207ce9b85780313b:disqus, the narrator is pretty over the top.  And I don’t know which accent specifically he has, but I had a bit of trouble trying to decipher what he said a few times.  Of course, I’m an American on the West coast, so who’s to say I’m not the one with the accent.  But I don’t typically have trouble understanding English accents.

  3. Ha, the QR code goes to Jay Shells new stuff. Great

  4. Peter Hollo says:

    Ha. The narrator is grime/dubstep MC Koast and is fucking excellent, you crazy Americans ;)
    (Note: I’m Australian, not from Bristol)

    • noah django says:

       no wonder.  the whole time I’m thinking “he’s spitting like an emcee.”  it’d probably sound dope if it was rhymes, but it was prose, so…

  5. phuzz says:

    Nice to see my home town on boingboing :)  And no, not everyone talks like that here.
    (his accent is a mix of urban bristolian and london MC)

  6. Kimmo says:

    Another Aussie here who had no dramas understanding the narrator. Or found any problem with the style of narration.

    But then, I’m always more impressed by content than delivery. And this content delivers ; )

  7. dreroc says:

    I made an app based off this premise over a year ago.  You can tag the world as you see fit, leave pics or create art wherever.  When satisfied, you save the creation and the app plots its GPS location and spatial relationship to what you were looking at when you created the ‘node’… Your work is controlled by privacy settings and hooks up via Facebook and the open graph.  
    More info: http://ar-chive.com/arssn-augmented-reality-ar-social-network-ar-art-creator/

    • Andre Friedel says:

      **FREE VERSION IS IN THE WORKS***  The only reason there is a pricetag on the app is because the data gets saved to a cloud server, and to cover overhead charges, I must. Many investors have showed interest so a free version with new GUI and new marker/ brushtips coming soon.