Winny Puhh: through YouTube, bizarro Estonian punk band finds new global fame

The highly theatrical Estonian punk/metal/WTF band Winny Puhh have been around since 1993 or so, but online audiences around the world are discovering them by way of this video: the band performing their song “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti” on Eesti Laul 2013, the semifinals for the Estonian slot in Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Death and Taxes magazine has a good backgrounder here, with more of their videos, all of which are weird, some of which are NSFW.

Listen to their songs here.

* I know this is gonna shock you, but their name translates to "Winnie the Pooh." HT: Syd Garon!

Photos courtesy of Winny Puu, via the band's Facebook.


  1. Not an Estonian talent show contest, but rather the semifinal for the Estonian slot in Eurovision 2013. Shame they didn’t make the cut.  Reminiscent of infamous puppet rockers Soophie Nun Squad? Edit: Or NoMeansNo.

      1. I’m afraid you’d better correct it again. That’s the Eesti Laul final, not the semifinal. The semifinal performance was a bit less elaborate:

        It’s perhaps worth emphasizing that both of those clips are on *live* television, with no editing or lipsynching.

        I have this theory that Winny Puhh blew it by going TOO over the top with that final performance. The song kind of got lost in the crazy, and let’s face it, it IS still a song contest.

        Winny Puhh came in 3rd. Here’s the song that won, and will be representing Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in May (warning – It’s somewhat less exciting):

    1. There’s plenty of bizarro music and bands, although I think “bizarro” is more of a modifier than a genre in itself, e.g. Winny Puhh is theatrical bizarro punk, and perhaps there are
      degrees of it.
      Definately, as doggo said, The Residents; probably anything on Ralph Records.
      Napoleon XIV.
      Mr. Bungle.
      I’d say Devo at least did a few bizarro songs; some might consider them a bizarro band.
      Leningrad Cowboys?
      GWAR? Theatrical, perhaps bizarroly so, though what little I’ve heard of their music is very mainstream.
      Insane Clown Posse?
      Tiny Tim? He did some weird stuff later in his career, and was a pretty strange character.
      P.D.Q. Bach? Maybe just parody/satire.
      You can probably find some more looking through the Bizarre Festival lineups (though many of those aren’t).

  2. A+ for effort for the way the camera operators and producers filmed/edited it to try and accentuate this….event.  The studio is clearly set-up to shoot crooners and boy-bands.  They’re doing their best to project some of the energy on stage into the presentation.  Even if all you can really do is shake the camera and do quick cuts… 

  3. That’s great… the two drummers!  I’m motion sick!

    I love Eurovision season!  Especially the weird, offbeat entries, though they never win.  I mean, Montenegro had Rambo Amadeus as their entry last year – I hate to say that the donkey upstages Rambo in this video:

    Who also did this song, sort of mocking Laibach – everything in this video is a perfect sendup of Laibach:

    1.  It’s such a shame nothing fun or remotely creative gets through (Lordi’s win being a notable exception).

        1. Just wanted to note that, though they represent Russia here, they are actually singing in Udmurt. Well, when they are not singing in kinda-English.

  4. I liked the chewbacca guy whatever he was singing, xxxx do you like this? maybe not english? But had to stop it half way as I started feeling a near pikachu epileptic attack coming on…

  5. Banjo and balalaika in punk? How did the world not already know of this? This is the best thing since Rock Lottery ’07 with xylophone, violin, and Mooter McLeod on rhythm guitar.

  6. And the UK’s entry this year? Bonnie fucking Tyler. No wonder we do terribly.

    Still think these guys were robbed a few years ago.

    1. Didn’t the UK enter Engelbert Humperdink last year? I guess the Brits like to go with “established” artists?  At least we don’t participate in Eurovision… can you imagine what America would send?

      1. They did. The contest has such a lousy reputation in the UK (after decades of Terry Wogan and Graham Norton making fun of it during the broadcasts) that the only people willing to do it now are those with careers that are either dead or bulletproof (especially if they have a new CD coming out after years of inactivity). 

        The fact that Bonnie Tyler is doing a promotional tour for her song IN THE UK says it all. The UK can’t give any points to itself.

  7. Hmmm.  Years of drinking kvass and methanol really do give one a fresh perspective in creative endeavors.

  8. I really really liked that. They reminded me a bit of Midori (ミドリ).  Specifically their song A.N.A. (but I can’t find a link to that)

  9. Definitely funny but that’s about it. I don’t think regular bands have too much to worry about as far as competition from these guys but as a comedy act it was good.

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