Disneyland Dapper Day: when Disney fans dress up


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  1. A high of 70° in Anaheim. Good weather for it.

    • bcsizemo says:

      When done right I think people dressed like this look impressive, at the same time I think, it’s Florida and probably humid as hell….god I’d be sweating buckets wearing that.  Stylish yes, comfortable to wear where it gets above 80F and 60%RH probably not.

  2. theophrastvs says:

    cute and all, make no mistake… but is “Dapper” the same as dressed for the 1940s?  i thought it just meant to be in formal dress.  (in which case, i would choose… “The black Russian, That always scares the clergy”)

    • interrera says:

       I think the name might be a reference to Disneyland’s Dapper Dans, which is a 1940s-themed barbershop quartet that roams the park.

      • dean s says:

        Well so long as it isn’t a Fop quartet because…..

        “Well, I don’t want Fop, goddamn it! I’m a Dapper Dan man!”

  3. Spocko says:

    You are never fully dressed without a smile!

  4. fergus1948 says:

    Nostalgia. Almost as good as I remember it being.

  5. Anton Gully says:

    Is that Dita in the first photo? Would make sense. Marilyn got Goth day in the settlement and she has to make do with Dapper day.

  6. novium says:

    If it’s mostly people in their 20s and 30s, wouldn’t most of them come of age in the mid 90s through the 00s? (Nitpicking, I know. It occurred to me because I sat trying to remember if there was anything particularly different about office wear when I was a teenager, other than slightly different cuts and shorter heels).

    • blueelm says:

      Yeah. This is my age group. I came of a age in a flurry of heroin, stompy boots, red hair dye, striped tank tops, smeared red lipstick, “thug life” tattoos, and giant (and I mean giant) gold chains.

      Oh… and fairy wings, shiny black corsets, and god I hate to remember it but… flannel.

      Of all of these things it’s the flannel I still loathe.

      • novium says:

        I was too young to develop a horror of flannel. I mostly remember bell bottoms that dragged on the ground and long sleeved short waisted shirts, and guys showing off their boxers. Also, the swing revival. I bet that might be an influence here, actually.

  7. Art says:

    (Oh. And Senator…) “Love your suit!”

  8. Would you kindly avoid Bioshock: Infinite for a while before attending? The similarity might be a little…unsettling.

  9. Angus_Mesmer says:

     Now, wouldn’t it be nice to bring something like this to Disneyland Paris?
    So far it has no Dapper Day, no Bats Day, or if something similar exists, it would be confidential.

  10. Sekino says:

    They had come of age in a time of shoulder-padded power suits…

    Okay, I’m totally with the jab at fluorescent wind breakers and scrunchies… But I can’t endorse that power-suit wearers like Annie Lennox, David Bowie and Grace Jones didn’t utterly nail elegance.

  11. Sounds like fun.  I love the fashion of that era!

  12. Les Elkins says:

    And while you’re at it, check out the Ellis Island Boys in Anaheim, when they’re playing in the park…. They always look dapper to me.


  13. James Penrose says:

    Dig up pictures of Disneyland in the early fifties.  This is how most people dressed to go out.   My Grandfather always wore a suit or a nice sports jacket when we went to places like htis when I was a kid.

  14. tnmc says:

    Because what this guy said in the LA Times article:

    “Everything, including the workplace, pushes this idea of being casual. When do I get to wear my great stuff?”— Justin Jorgensen, Dapper Day founder

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