Japanese teen trend: "Dragon Ball attack" selfies


21 Responses to “Japanese teen trend: "Dragon Ball attack" selfies”

  1. waetherman says:

    So much better than planking. 

  2. IronEdithKidd says:

    I’m feeling a sudden urge to go play Katamari.  

  3. gracchus says:

    Very cute. That show, though … watched it a few times with my niece and each episode is basically 80% posturing and chest-beating and taunting threats by the characters, 10% boring journeys through dull wastelands accompanied by plot and background exposition (including recaps of threats, posturing, etc.), and maybe 10% actual action.

    The nine-year-old got tired of it quickly, and now we call it “Dragon Stall Z.”

  4. kartwaffles says:

    Dragonball? Back in my day we called that a Hadouken. Just Saiyan.

  5. Raven Amos says:

    …Are they still on Namek…?

  6. sigismund says:

    no peeking out knicker. Rats

  7. Woo! We did this at my friends’ wedding in Mexico last month. None of us had heard of this at the time, but maybe the guy who suggested it had. We’re still waiting on the photos from the guy they hired, but an amateur one here:

  8. DevinC says:

    I’d suggest someone ‘shoop in some visual FX, but I’m sure the internet is already on it.

  9. Jake Rennie says:

    Viral marketing?

  10. TheOmbudsman says:

    More like the Hadoken attack from Street Fighter, methinks. That’s how I’m seeing it described elsewhere.

  11. Ryan Griffin says:

    Wish I had time to shop in Cigar Chomping Guy into the school-room one.

  12. bcsizemo says:

    Obviously her power level is over 9000…

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