Officer linked to torture tapes' destruction advances within C.I.A.

At the New York Times, Mark Mazzetti reports on the promotion of a C.I.A. officer "directly involved in the 2005 decision to destroy interrogation videotapes and who once ran one of the agency’s secret prisons."


  1. Look, folks. You voted for Obama, this is what you knew you were going to get. Don’t try to act shocked.

    1. Was anyone on the ballot a better option? Anyone at all? Cause it didn’t look that way to me. Of course, I did a write-in.

    2. Doesn’t that logic work for every president, then? Pretty much, “There go those clowns in Congress again. What a bunch of clowns.”

      Not very helpful.

  2. The creepiest part of the story is the officer is considered undercover, and her name (but not her gender) is a state secret.  So we don’t even know whose resignation to demand.

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