Sailing is hard work

Rome Kirby is an extreme sailor. When they tried putting him on a heart-rate monitor, they found he was burning 9,000 calories a day. (via Super Punch)

4 Responses to “Sailing is hard work”

  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    This is why innovations such as the cat ‘o nine tails and the improvised use of the belaying pin are so important to nautical history…

  2. rocketpjs says:

    Qualifier:  High end professional racing is hard work.  All the sailing I do is in light-ish winds and incredibly relaxing, often with a (single) beer. 

    Even ocean crossings, when done in the right season, are not labour intensive.  

  3. ohbejoyful says:

    How does heart rate (is this the same as pulse?) show calories burnt?

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