Chocolate Bunny family (photo)

"Lindt Bunny Family," a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr pool by Paul J. "Leave them alone, and they multiply."


  1. We should not let this pass without mentioning Lindt’s attempts to enclose the market for gold-foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies – – by taking rival manufacturers to court. They’ve failed in Germany, succeeded in Austria and say they’ll continue to defend the Lindt gold bunny in the future whenever necessary.

    Remind me again why we’re giving any sort of props to people who act in this way.

    And Hey! Lindt! I had the opportunity to buy your bunnies a couple of days ago; I passed and got other Easter chocolate stuff instead, solely because of this.

    1. OTOH, I bought the Lindt bunny, to be sitting on the counter next to the coffee pot on Easter morning, cuz chocolate bunny ears and a fresh, hot cup of coffee are so tasty together in the marnin’…but I promise not to do it again.

    2. “Onoes,” cried Litigous Dark Chocolate Bunny, “a dime of lost profit!  What ever shall I do?” He then began lashing his captive lawyers to make them SUE HARDER!

  2. Notice that one is dark chocolate and the other milk chocolate. It’s one of those interracial skim milk marriages.

    1.  And all the little rabbits are milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is obviously a recessive trait.

      1. Sorry about that. I saw it looked bad when I first posted it but when I returned to edit it, I couldn’t see my comment anymore (and now there is no Edit button). Thanks for fixing it!

  3. As someone who worked at Whittard of Chelsea, the Lindt shaped goods (bunnies, Santas, reindeers) always have around 20% breakage on arrival, more once the roving bands of kids get their hands upon them. That’s a lot a chocolate for a small staff to get through. And steampunk spaghetti Cthulhu help us all when the 1kg chocolate Santa melts in the window, ’cause somebodies gotta eat that thing.

    (Statistics may be solely invented for purposes of not having actually calculated the amount of wastage.)

  4. I would not endorse people to like those products. L&S is one of many greedy producers who wrongly thinks its products being soo important they need to be protected. They even went so far as to sue against a bank who used those rabbits in an ad. They did never thank them for all the free advertisement they got, no, they sent their lawyers. Pathetic. Nothing against their products as such, but I hate companies who give themselves too much credit, while in reality being completely unimportant junk.

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