KISS/Hello Kitty TV show in development


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  1. vrplumber says:

    Hello Kissy?

  2. RElgin says:

    Why not a cartoon about a grumpy man that wears a bear suit and lies around eating and sleeping all the time – Rilakkuma

  3. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Is this the same Gene Simmons who wanted to sue ‘pirates’ until they were broke and penniless and then remained silent when his son was caught ‘pirating’ others artwork for his comic?

  4. SedanChair says:

    Yes, this is 100% happening.

    It would be fun to see. But you would need a NPR Hello Kitty Terry Gross to eviscerate Kiss Hello Kitty Gene Simmons.

    • ChickieD says:

      I’m bumping this a bit. If you have not heard this episode of Fresh Air it is to die for funny. This is a little excerpt:

      Terry Gross: So let me ask this. You say you’ve had sex with about 4,600 people. Women.

      Gene Simmons: Women. Yes.

      Terry Gross: Um, do you actually count? I mean do you have, like, a book

      –Gene Simmons: You know, you know, I never

      –Terry Gross: — in which you keep hash marks, or

      –Gene Simmons: …. almost 30 years ago, I started taking photos. Polaroids. And I still have them to this day. And so, when the book was being written, Crown Publishers, who published my book, wanted to know — you know, you can’t just say “I did this” and “I did that,” you have to give specifics. So I sat down and started counting. One, two, and so on. And arrived at about 4,600 and change.

      Terry Gross: Are you interested in music, or is the goal of being in a rock band to have sex a lot?

      It’s total genius!

      Here’s the link:

  5. oasisob1 says:

    I hope every episode ends with Kiss Hello Kitty (Hello Kissy, ty, vrplumber) doing a cover of one of KISS’ songs.

  6. Joshua Bauer says:

    I get the feeling this show is NOT going to be targeted at little girls. This show is probably going to be more for the Adult Swim kind of crowd. 

  7. That’s funny, this exists only since 2010? I have a Sears t-shirt older than that (2007 or 2008) with similar Hello Kitty/Kiss drawings…

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