Assyrian Dalek, ca. 865 BCE

From Wikipedia: "English: A large wheeled Assyrian battering ram with an observation turret attacks the collapsing walls of a besieged city, while archers on both sides exchange fire. From the North-West Palace at Nimrud, about 865-860 BC; now in the British Museum."

File:Assyrian battering ram.jpg (Thanks, Justin!)


  1. Cute, but the original “Trojan Horse”, that helped win the Trojan War, was probably a siege tower exactly like that. It allowed men to get close enough to the wall – essentially piled rocks mortared with dirt – to use that ram to dig through them.

  2. The scale might be a little different. One is reminded of a lady on a phone-in asking for the identification of a bird, which she described in some detail. “What you have there is a finch” the expert said. To which she replied “I think not. It’s three feet tall.”

    1. This one is probably about three feet tall, too, judging by the size of the archers behind it. So only a little smaller than usual. It makes sense this is where a little Dalek would learn his trade, too, since Assyrians were no strangers to exterminating.

      1.  It’s a little hard to tell in the photo provided, but I’ve seen (and photographed) it in person, and it’s definitely supposed to be bigger than the people next to it. A wider view makes it clearer.

        1. Ancient artists didn’t do perspective.  The archers are probably bigger than the ram because they’re more important.  Or else they could skip the ram and shoot down into the city.

  3. Oh please.  Daleks weren’t interested in human beans back in them REALLY old days.  Get outta town.

      1. Now, I’ve told you before, you don’t finish those beans, you’ll be getting them served up for breakfast. Cold. Well? I’m waiting…

  4. It seems to be about the same height as the humans. Isn’t that a little short for a siege tower? Doesn’t that make it more likely that this is a stylized image of a Dalek instead?

    1. Isn’t that a little short for a siege tower?

      You say siege tower; I say storm trooper.

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