Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours," depicted in crayon

Boing Boing reader @ayleph tweeted at us: "Fleetwood Mac's Rumors album cover, depicted in crayon. Found at Sonic Boom in Ballard." [that's Seattle, WA]. Click pic to grande-fy.


  1. whaaat? they castrated him?? that is, left out his infamous ornamental balls. well, that’s Ballard for ya; buncha slow volvo driving lutefisk eaters.

    1. I was traumatized by those ornamental balls as a child.  They said to me “This album is full of really kinky shit.”  

      (I didn’t know the word ‘kinky’ then, but the outlines of the concept were there.)

    1. This is not going to be appoved as cover art by the Steve Jobbses of the world empire.

  2. Even when my kid was one year old (he’s three now), one could see him really getting into “Second Hand News”, so a crayon drawing totally rings true.

    1. Yup, my point exactly, though it might have been better to say “Some Old folks around here will be glad to tell you.” Spotlighting nearly forty year old records… way to keep it fresh. Hey, maybe we should all do the Jitterbug or the Charleston while we are at it!

      Troll la la la la!

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