UFO memo the FBI's most viewed


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  1. Phlip says:

    From the top:

    After WWII, the USA continued its various aerospace and super-weapon projects. These projects experimented with various flying shapes, such as ceramic frisbees.

    Sometimes witness near test sites would report various strange things in the skies.

    To confuse the Russians, US gov’t officials forged paperwork of eyewitness accounts of extraterrestrial UFOs. Then, they forged paperwork of coverups, and they leaked all this paperwork.

    UFOlogy is essentially an emergent religion. So the devout got so noisy, they helped make sure the Russians would not be able to figure out what our aerospace projects were really up to.

  2. Napalm Dog says:

    Trip to Roswell, New Mexico!


  3. sockdoll says:

    Vaguely written, the memo describes a story told by an unnamed third party

    Sounds like the beginnings of the Iraq war…

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