2013 Hugo nominees announced


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  1. David Jansson says:

    Having just finished Constellation Games I am a bit surprised not to see it nominated.

  2. Rindan says:

    I sadly can’t speak to much of what is on here… I feel so out of the loop.  That said, I can scream praise of Locke & Key for best graphic story.  The story is fun, and I love the Lovecraft influences.  

    • jackbird says:

      And without the Foglios in the running, it feels like there’s a lot more oxygen for all the nominees.

      • Kris N says:

        Except that they’ve also booted regular nominees Fables and Unwritten as well. It’s a strange collection.

        Pulling for Saga, personally.

  3. Gwyan Rhabyt says:

    Look at the collapse of big publishers! 
    Between Novellette, Novella, and Short Story categories, there is only one in a pro magazine and only one from a large publisher. Most was small publishers, tiny publishers, self publishers, and Clarkesworld (which is only semi-pro).

    Nebulas were the same. Only one of seven Short Stories was a pro magazine and no category except Novel had a majority of the nominees from big publishers.

    This is not your parents’ SF publishing world.

  4. Yay “Asylum of the Daleks”.

    (Sorry, that comment was entirely pointless.)

  5. I wonder when interzone was last nominated.

  6. Gilbert Wham says:

    What’s the Vorpatril series like, then? I always confuse it with the Deathstalker books for some reason, which are criminally awful (though it’s not like I really need any more stuff to read right now)

  7. The fact that Wool is not anywhere in the list show that the institutional SF industry has no clue about the revolution happening under their noses.

  8. quazi says:

     How many more Hugo Awards does Steven Moffat have room for?

  9. shutz says:

    I loved Red Shirts.  Bought it as a gift for my mom (who likes sci-fi and fantasy, and who is familiar enough with Star Trek to appreciate the book) and my dad (who is also a trekkie, but not much of a reader) picked it up and read it too (and enjoyed it!)

    I haven’t read any of the others, so I can’t say conclusively whether it should win, but I would love to see it turned into a movie (as long as someone competent and smart is assigned as director, and there’s minimal studio interference.

  10. gfish says:

    No recognition that Seanan McGuire (AKA Mira Grant) is the first person to appear FIVE TIMES on a Hugo ballot?

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