Just look at this liquid nitrogen-dipped banana being shot with a steel bearing.

Just look at it.

I Broke my Banana (Thanks, Philip!)


  1. I don’t wish to be pedantic, but this is the Internet, and I’m afraid the Internet’s TOS requires it.

    That’s way too big to be a BB. My guess is that it’s a ball bearing. Maybe shot from a slingshot?

    1. Of course we can’t fault you for a little pedantry.  It’s tube protocol.  To keep those babies flowing freely, sometimes you have to hurt a few feelings.  

    2. That was my first thought too. As someone who has just discovered the joy and wonder of slingshots, that looks very much like 38 cal slingshot ammo.

    3.  I don’t wish to be pedantic either but… isn’t that a half banana?

      We’re not going back to those banana posts are we?  I’m a little cold on bananas.

      1. I’ve tried parsing this comment to understand it, but I only get that you think dipping Ferran Adrià in chocolate, then liquid nitrogen, and then smashing him into little pieces would be delicious. But I suppose you want to say that Aloisius’ dessert idea would be a-peeling to the deconstructionist chef.

    1. Ohgod. You’ve given me an idea.

      What’s the cheapest (LEGAL) way to acquire small quantities of liquid nitrogen in Vancouver and do you need a laundry list of certs before they’ll sell to you? I just discovered the ultimate munchies food (prepared just beforehand). Add chopsticks for extra hilarity.

  2. The only way this picture could be any better is if the frozen banana was the horn of a unicorn sculpted entirely out of liquid-N-frozen fruit.

    And while I’m at it, if there was a high-speed video of the horn being shattered, and then a high-speed video of the whole unicorn being ripped apart by a few BB machineguns, because just imagine all of that hypothetical shattering fruity unicorn goodness in slow motion. Just imagine at it.

    But this is still awesome.

    1. it’s like a mashup of the best of bb into one supermeme. bananas, high-speed video, unicorns…

  3. That’s disturbing.

    Not in and of itself, but because I was just at the V.A. Hospital and the lady doctor froze both of my ears with liquid nitrogen.

    Then she asked me to take off my clothes.

    She has a lot to learn about foreplay.

    But I digress.

    It is disturbing because it makes me think that could have happened to my ears after she froze them.

    Woulda made Van Gogh look like an amateur…

      1. You could be right.  It’s been so long since I’ve had sex, I’ve forgotten who gets tied up.

      1. The phrase “pre-cancerous condition” sticks in my mind.  There was something else, but it had about 25 syllables and didn’t really register over the pain.

        How much she froze, I don’t know.  She didn’t tell me she was going to do it, just sprayed my ear. 

        It hurts, that I know.

        Liquid nitrogen is so cold, it doesn’t actually register as cold.  I looked it up, -320 degrees fahrenheit.  First produced around 1883, so the human body doesn’t have much experience with it.

        I guess it was kind of ugly, though.  People would do a double-take, then recoil and walk rapidly away.  As if it was contagious.

        Not one of the better days I’ve had.

  4. After eating the last munchy honeycake, B2’s final thought was “B1 can’t be that angry, could he?”

    1. Blink slowly and regularly: one, two, one, two, just look at it, now just imagine it, now just look at it…

    2. If you can disable your ego, you should be able to look at it without thinking about it. Otherwise, observing and thinking pretty much go hand in hand.

  5. Back when I was working in an undisclosed location, we had a mouse problem.  We also had liquid nitrogen.  One day, the mouse trap caught a mouse.  One of my colleagues froze the mouse carcass solid, then dropped it in the middle of the table during a lunchtime card game.  The mouse shattered like glass.  The card game ended abruptly.

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