March community-building-and-tribal-unity/Madness


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  1. dragonfrog says:

    Oh, the other March Madness.  I was thinking of the fiscal year-end, must use all the budget by the 31st, big purchases with questionable oversight, March Madness…

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

    educational values, professional ties, group and community associations, old friends and memories.

    as well as status markers… I often think this devotion to lower level play (justified with lame excuses usually) at least has an element of serving the same purpose that putting the clear college sticker on the back of your car does. I would exempt a lot of areas where there’s no superior professional teams to identify with, but it’s annoying in places where better professional teams are playing the sport at a higher level.

  3. Sarah Clark says:

    My eyeballs almost rolled out of my head.

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