Unicorn Chaser

lalalalala i can't see the mealworms

Image: "Unicorn Resting - A white unicorn rests under a bright star," by Catmando, for Shutterstock.


  1. Anytime I see one of these I’m filled with dread about what the story below it might be.

    1.  The fact that the very next reply was a ‘make $$$! at home on your PC!!1!1’ spam comment is so apt that I had to check if it was a real spammer. Sadly, it is.

  2. Forgive me, but I’ve never understood the interest in unicorns.  They’ll put someone’s eye out!

  3. Wouldn’t a ‘Unicorn Chaser’ be someone, say a worker in a Romanian abbatoir, with a captive bolt pistol?

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