Cory's HOW I WORK interview


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  1. thaum says:

    Bagjack looks interesting; thanks for the tip.

  2. Cowicide says:

    A rugged, roomy, weatherproof backpack (currently a Bagjack Skidcat). A moneyclip. A small, six-card credit-card wallet. LibreOffice spreadsheets for bookkeeping. GPG, cryptsetup, and TrueCrypt for information security.

    Boxers, briefs, tighty-whities or otherwise?

  3. vonbobo says:

    Nothing to scale walls?
    No lasers?

    good luck

  4. Ronald Pottol says:

    For an alarm clock, try Sleep As Android You put it on your matress, and it wakes you at the last shallow sleep cycle before your alarm time. I used to hit snooze all the time, and often woke up feeling like a zombie, this almost never happens now.

  5. oasisob1 says:

    Tell us more about these awesome breakfasts!

  6. Jim Saul says:

    So you draft your novels in .txt too? Do you use any markups for italics or simply never use them in a manuscript?

  7. I find it hard to write a word without easy access to a Bible, a revolver, and a bottle of good whiskey.  And spellcheck.

  8. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    I carry Tabasco around too…..

  9. cubejockey says:

    I just googled a photo of an Aeropress to figure out what it looked like. 

    There was Aeropress in a dishrack at my workplace breakroom  this morning, I had no clue what it was, 

    …..even considered it might be part of a breast pump.

  10. tamgoddess says:

    Two things: your ability to produce intimidates me. Also: where does the cape go?

  11. Joel Emmett says:

    Tabasco is good.  Crystal is better.

    • blacksmith_tb says:

       I agree, but it’s just like the cola wars; both are mostly vinegar. I see you can get packets of sriracha, though, which has potential – I’d prefer more heat without making everything taste like a pickle.

  12. jbond says:

    I think Aeropress are missing a trick here. There should be a model where the plunger also serves as a container for grounds and a small supply of filters. That would make a nice self contained coffee device for short trips. Are you still using the 3rd party metal filter? I couldn’t get on with it.

  13. John Farrier says:

    “Habits are things you get for free.” I like that line.

  14. Not gonna lie – I’ve been waiting for you to do this since I first started reading Lifehacker, Cory. It always seemed to me to be tailor made for professionals like yourself.

    And considering Tessa’s copy preceding the questionnaire, it looks like it kinda was! Very cool and inspiring to a beginning blogger to see your workflow. 

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