River of Stars, excerpt and passage introduction by Guy Gavriel Kay


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  1. Jared Mackay says:

    This is may sound terrible… but here’s a confession. I’m a huge guy gavriel kay fan, but it took me YEARS to read any of his novels, because i heard him read at a book event, and I couldn’t deal with it.

    I think he’s hearing impaired, or maybe just has a speech impediment? Either way, I was pretty young (he was reading from sailing to sarantium so I must’ve been 16 or 17) and I just couldn’t deal with it. In my head “can’t listen to him read from his own book” translated to “I won’t enjoy these books”, I guess because i assumed if i was bored of him reading it, I would  be bored when I read it.

    Which is too bad, because he became one of my favourite authors, and in fact I’ve read that particular book several times!

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