Stainless steel, refillable Sharpies

If you love Sharpies (as I do), but actually manage to hold onto them until they run out, rather than losing them at the rate of several a week (as I do), then you might benefit from the refillable, stainless steel Sharpie ($5.78), which would spare you the sad sensation you get when you drop your dead Sharpie into the trash.

There's only one time in my life that I actually used up a Sharpie: when I was signing the title-pages for something like 5,000 hardcovers of this graphic novel, and I had the curious sensation of uncapping a fresh Sharpie and signing until it ran dry -- it was something like using up an entire chapstick, a weird kind of accomplishment.

Sharpie Stainless Steel Fine Point Permanent Marker (via Core 77)


  1. I have a sharpie here in my pen mug that’s been here for ten years. I (obviously) don’t use it much, but when I need it it’s always to hand, and it’s not dried up or crapped out on me yet.
    You just don’t usually find that kind of quality in disposable products very much these days.

  2. This looks nice, but as someone who primarily uses sharpies to write tiny labels on tiny 2ml tubes, I’m dismayed that I can only find this in one thickness, and not in ultra fine. Is this actually available in anything that isn’t so thick?

  3. Alas, problems equal to running out of ink are the tip getting slightly bent out of shape, or accidentally getting wet.  A replaceable tip would probably be asking too much.

  4. Found this indispensable utility pen a couple years ago on the EDC ( blog.  Have carried one in my bag ever since.  I believe the one I purchased came with the free refill–which I still haven’t had to use yet.  I highly recommend this Sharpie, just for the sheer beauty of the writing utensil!

  5. I love the idea, but it seems for me the main problem with sharpie pens is that the tip mushes down. Also, the ink isn’t great on paper. I’m a rapid-o-graph fan generally. So I only tend to have one Sharpie around for writing on things that are not paper.

    1. I know this isn’t the best way to deal with that problem, but I had the same annoyance but didn’t want to waste my huge cache of markers, so I cut down a cheap plastic pencil sharpener to fit the end of the sharpie… a few turns and the mushy blunt tip is now a crisp point again.

      I’m sure it gets dull again quickly but I always lose the sharpies before that happens.

    2. I haven’t noticed the fine-tipped writing pens losing the tip shape, and I write on nothing but paper. Maybe it’s only an issue with the “marker” sharpies?

  6. Sharpies have a specific purpose which nothing else does as well. That is; write on almost any hard surface and produce a mark that will not easily be removed. As they say on the barrel, “Not for letter writing.” Also, the smell is overpowering if you are not in a ventilated space.

    Pro Tip; if you make a mark in the wrong place the ink itself is a very good solvent. Mark over the bad mark and wipe quickly. It works remarkably well.

  7. I bought one of these as a preview item at an art expo about 4 years ago. It’s awesome and I have yet to even need to refill the tip.

  8. I have one of these I keep in my tool box.  The replaceable tip makes it my go-to marker for drawing on rough lumber or oily steel.  It reminds me of the Cold Steel “Sharkie” and I wonder if it too would make a personal defense accessory.  

    1.  I’m a big fan of paint pens.  No problem with the oily steel, and durable as all get go, so years later you don’t have to wonder what the smudged alloy # actually says.

  9. As a chef, Sharpies are indispensable.  Someone will always forget  his, and yours is closest. Or vice versa. This is the worst thing for an industry that devours thousands and thousands of sharpies before they are done. Either way I want one.

    And on a side note, being a kitchen guy and not a computer person, how do I keep myself permanently logged in to BB?

    1. Via WordPress? Check Remember Me when you sign in, but it’ll still knock you off every couple of weeks.

  10.   I have tons of Sharpies.
    I never buy any, but they just appear. They seem to spawn.  Where do they all even come from?
    I wonder when I’ll have some of these.

  11. Off topic perhaps, but I always had the same kind of sense of accomplishment on the rare occasions I was able to use up a lighter.  In the 30 or so years I smoked (ugh) I was only able to do it once or twice.  Of course, it didn’t help that my friends were assholes and kept stealing lighters.

  12. Breaking ebook readers, laptops and losing sharpies? It’s a miracle you function in society at all.

  13. Had the pleasure to present one of these to webcomic artist Keith “Fear of a Black Marker” Knight at Comic-Con a few years ago. Wonder if he still has it…

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