How to make a gravity puzzle

Here's a puzzle you can make, in which you have to balance 14 nails on a single nail head. (Thanks, Matthew!)


  1. I ran across one of these in a bar while traveling. Came back three days in a row, to spend hours at a table drinking scrumpy and trying to figure this puzzle out. Finally got the solution shown here, and I was so incredibly happy I was able to figure it out.

    (There is another way to do it as well that I figured out, but I won’t spoil the surprise for those who still want to have some fun with the puzzle.)

    I’ve been wanting to build one myself since then and test my friends… unfortunately, most of them read BoingBoing, hah.

  2. My father can work minor miracles in wood.  Having inherited none of his skills, I’m impressed by the level of thought put into this video; it can be hard to explain something to a beginner succinctly without forgetting to include the details the experienced might take for granted, but the beginner might not have thought of.  

    1. Exactly! Having a few kids myself, I must have jumped half a foot when the little guy grabbed them, shoved them in his mouth and started running. My palms started sweating like when you watch a video of someone climbing to the top of a cell tower.

  3. Using an AC condenser as a workbench for pounding nails in with a rock is priceless!  Whoever is doing that has obviously never paid  a technician to find and repair a refrigerant leak and recharge a system.  It would be cheaper to use the hood of your car.

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