4D printing and programmable matter

As part of Institute for the Future's research project on what we're calling "The Coming Age of Networked Matter," we've looked at progress around programmable materials that can morph and self-assemble. MIT professor and TED fellow Skylar Tibbits is pushing on this idea with what he dubbed "4D printing, where the fourth dimension is time," meaning that the printed objects change shape over a certain period. (Thanks, Jake Dunagan!)


7 Responses to “4D printing and programmable matter”

  1. BCaron says:

    Just glad its not another duck penis he’s holding…

  2. Ian Scott Osborne says:

    So therefore you can destroy the fourth dimension by lowering your expectations.

  3. swankles says:

    Yay more incredible innovations that will ultimately destroy jobs

  4. Ian Scott Osborne says:

    Hands up to anyone who saw the ear mic and though he’d grown himself something out of a mole fetish

  5. Singe says:

    There’s some interesting things here but really? Do you need a microphone coming around the side of your face like you’re capcom on the apollo team or some kind of jet fighter pilot? Whatever happened to clipping a mic discretely to your lapel like everybody else does for the cameras?

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