Animal sculptures from thrift store plastic


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  1. sharkzombie says:

    These are beautiful! Reminds me of this Korean artist who makes amazing animal sculptures from tires:

    • -hms- says:

       When I was a kid, they overhauled my elementary school playground and turned it into a giant tall ship made of old tires and wood, witha sea monster made of old tires winding through the playground it was amaaaazing. sculpture that kids can play on is the best kind.

  2. occupyordie says:

    I was an undergrad while she was finishing her grad work at the school I attended in northwest ohio, it was always fun walking by her space and seeing what was taking shape out of a pile of plastic junk.

  3. Fogbert says:

    Incredible.  Really amazing.

  4. noah django says:

    these are the best

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