Ice-cube-tray in a bottle

The "Polar Bear Ice Tray" is a sealed bottle that makes icecubes and then facilitates their easy removal. The sealed container keeps freezer flavors away, and once it's all frozen, you can dislodge the ice by giving the bottle a whack on a countertop and then pour it out of the mouth. Looks like a clever way of solving an old problem, though I haven't tried it myself.

polar bear ice tray (via Red Ferret)


  1. The only downsides are a) it’s awfully big for the amount of ice you get, which sucks in my freezer, and b) some crazy wizard has cross-bred a bear and a bunch of other bears to produce a decabearopod, and I don’t have stats for one of those.

      1.  For that matter, there’s cling film. also tinfoil. I like it however, due to its tardigradeness.

        1.  Pretty good horror movie premise – they arrive from space as spores, and they hatch as little eight legged monsters with claws like fish hooks you’d use to catch marlin.  And once they latch onto you, that gruesome sucking mouth starts draining your body fluids. We just need to amp them up so they have the size and speed of Jack Russell terriers.

          1. I found a particularly good set of puddles, not quite “springs” but seeps of groundwater at the base of an old immense railroad embankment.  I collected some arthropods like brine shrimp, and a number of planaria.  The arthropods were maybe 4 mm long and the planaria maybe 3 mm.  I put them in a pyrex pie plate and the arthopods ran around while the planaria moved slowly.  Then a planaria latched onto the shrimp, and must have emitted some signal, because the other planaria rushed the shrimp and swarmed it.  In a few minutes they had reduced it to an empty shell.

          2. Oooo, fuck, when you think about it, that’s worse than polar-bear size as well, isn’t it? Nasty. How do you get to sleep at nights if your brain makes up that stuff? Thanks a bunch…

          3. Horse tranquilizers….

            You know what freaked me out as a kid? “Lost Weekend” with Ray Miland where he hallucinates a rat chewing a hole in the wall and a bat attacking the rat and blood running down the wall,. And even though it looks totally fake, it’s still scary as hell.


          4. Sadly, I can’t find a clip of Katherine Hepburn in Suddenly, Last Summer doing her monologue about the turtles and the birds.

          5. @boingboing-e41803c944b3d68e5215c8b9cefb0196:disqus In my experience horse tranquilizers wouldn’t make those sorts stories go away so you could sleep. Quite the opposite. 

            You wouldn’t necessarily be awake, but a ketamine induced stupor with horrors like you’ve mentioned rushing through your head is hardly going to leave you feeling rested.

  2. “not to be used as a cudgel”

    i demand a precise pedantic mathematical term for the solid shape that results (i’m thinking:  pseudotetrahedronalsectorprism)

    1. Often I only use one or two ice cubes at a time and would need my bear to be suitably segmented and articulated. A nice mythological sounding Sanskrit or Mohawk name would suit my bear much better, being mathematically and terminoligically precise and mysterious all in one.

      1.  All those things are rather soft. They would be more likely to dislodge the ice if they were frozen as well.

  3. My dad’s fridge has three of these built into the front of the freezer drawers, they’re ace. Heathens who don’t have ice-cubes upset me. Do you know, there are actually people who use their freezer for storing food in, and, apparently, care not for the frigidity of my gin? Exactly. I was shocked too.

    1. Same with our Indesit freezer. Very handy as they don’t take up valuable space in the drawer. (Where the gin can be kept.)

        1. Really, what would be the alternative? Shaking up some warm liquor in an empty cocktail shaker?

    2. My freezer has a large tray, comprised of three smaller trays each with a little twist lever. You twist the leaver, the ice falls into the bucket below. The bucket isn’t sealed, but its edges come up right to the bottom of the tray which happens to be located at the very top of the freezer. I’ve never found any crumbs in the bucket as a result, but I have noticed that very old ice (a month or so) begins to take on smells from the freezer. 

      I like my scotch on the rocks and drink it regularly enough that ice rarely lasts more than a week or two, so its no problem.

  4. I was going to comment that we had a similar one, a loooooong time ago, but the problem was that it was incredibly hard to get the right amount of water into it so that you didn’t end up with just one big lump of ice. But then I noticed the hole at the bottom… hmm, clever solution! It will still need to be stored (mostly) level until the water freezes, though.

    We just use plastic ice cube bags. Yea, not ecological, but on the other hand we don’t use a lot of ice cubes anyway so we don’t use that many bags per year.

    1.  The ones we have, you fill to a graded line on the side, then when you lay it flat, it’s filled exactly right.

  5. A clever way of solving what old problem? Being too useless to organize your freezer? Just get a couple of normal, cheap plastic ice-cube trays. They work great, you can stack them; this thing just seems over-designed.

    1. Let me just say that when I’m using ice cubes my balance and coordination tends to be *impaired* and having to refill an ice cube tray with water and balance it back to the freezer is usually possible but consistently a struggle. This eliminates that.

      Bottom line: drink liquor, use this ice cube tray.

  6. i see a big ol’ hole named ‘max’ that leads me to think that this not a sealed product. to deal with the over-fill issue the bottles i have have this ingenious thing called a “max line”.

    another plus is that they appear to be half the size of this one… although they, in no way, resemble a bear.

    1.  Most likely the “Not enough over-thinking and technology was applied to this old product” problem. Expect the v.2 version to be wi-fi enabled and come with an app for your smartphone.

    2. I don’t use ice cubes very often; when I do want some, I hate going to the freezer only to find out that the cubes have evaporated into uselessness.

  7. I think this would be more useful if they added a sport bottle lid.  Make your ice cubes, take it out, fill it to the top with water, voila!  Ice water for that hike or jog…

    1. Or just fill your water bottles and throw them in the freezer the night before. When I ride or skate in truly hot weather I carry two bottles: one ice cubes and water, the other frozen solid. By the time I finish the first one, the second is ready to drink from.

  8. We used to have a product like this.  The biggest problem with it was that when tipping the ice-cubes out they’d jam in the neck of the bottle.  you’d end up constantly shaking the bottle to get one or two ice-cubes out at a time, or have to stick the handle of a spoon up and agitate them.  More hassle than it was worth.

  9. We just use normal thrift store trays and once frozen transfer the contents into an only icecream tub meaning lots of available ice without any issue

  10. I have a tupperware ice cube tray that has a lid, so no added flavours and it has a silcone bottom so you can push out the individual cubes.  Works well for me.

  11. Problem solved: Me, I just added an ice-cube maker to my fridge.  They’re not that expensive and the plumbing wasn’t that difficult.

  12. I have a couple trays similar to this. Instead of the hole they have a “max fill” line so they are sealed. If you only fill them to that line, they make small rounded ice cubes that are easy to pour out. They do have to be kept flat when they are freezing which can be a problem when the freezer is full. It also doesn’t have the reinforced spot to whack it on to release the ice so it can get dented in. It definitely keeps the ice from getting the old freezer taste to them when they are in there for a long time.

  13. My parents freezer had something like this built into the door.

    Also it looks more like a spice weasel to me, BAM!

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