PetaPixel interviews photographer Clark Little

PetaPixel has an incredible interview up with Clark Little and showcases many of his fabulous surf photos.


  1. In the right conditions shorebreak tubes have a weird acoustic property: if you stand inside them and yell out through the breaking tube, anybody outside the tube will hear a bizarrely transformed yell.

  2. I’ve visited his gallery in haleiwa.  just mesmerizing, mind-blowing images.  I wanted to live there.

  3. I have had close calls with drowning. One of the biggest days I went out was 2 years ago on the North Shore. A set of waves came in about 3 stories high. The wave train was about 6 waves. Each of these I had to swim under, get taken by the turbulence and rag dolled like I was in the washing machine. You are deep down and it is dark. Just when I was able to come up with air, the next one broke right on me. After the 5th wave, I was fading away and starting to think about my family and kids. Luckily, there were just one more wave and I was able to get through it. I got back to shore and sat there for a while. It was a close call. But also a wake up call. I saw my limit.

     Goddam.  If he says it was about 3 stories high, it was probably even larger.  Guys like this typical underestimate the height in Hawaii.

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