Skrillex cuddles Minnie Mouse

Dubstep legend Skrillex is apparently visiting a Disney themepark somewhere in the world and getting cuddles from a Minnie Mouse head-character. The world is a big and odd place.

my new chick, sorry Mickey


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    2. Every time I see him, I just think dude you have to be genetically related to Cory Feldman…that’s just no way around it.

  1. That’s the second pic I’ve seen this week photobombed by Pluto with a four knuckle shuffle.

    1. I was wondering why I saw him in that scene, then heard some dubstep that was obviously his work later on in the film.

      Pleasantly surprised. 

  2. Bah! In my day Dubstep was called Drum & Bass and that’s the way it was and we liked it!

    1. Dubstep comes from UK Garage though, which had as much in common with Garage (Todd Terry etc) as Dubstep has with Dub.

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